Woven Garments

  • Men's & Women's Shirt
  • Men's & Women's Trousers
  • Men's & Women's Shorts
  • Women's Skirts
  • Winter & Spring Jackets
  • Ladies Blouses
  • Formal & Casual Skirts
  • Children's & Infant swear etc.

Knit Garments

Men's & Women's Polar & Micro Fleece
Men's & Women's Sweat Shirts
Men's & Women's Pique Polo

Men's & Women's T-Shirts
Men's & Women's Tank Top

Men's & Women's Pullover
Women's Cardigan & Design wear etc.


We produce Sweater, Pullover, Cardigan, Etc thicker to fine Gauge, We use hand knitted
machine 3, 5, 7, 12 GG & Jacket. Our yarn source locally and imported form China, Taiwan,
Indonesia, India and Pakistan. We have a good team for Machine and hand embroidery, print,
apparel sequence etc.


We produce T-shirt, Polo Shirt, Tang Top, Etc. Range of fabric Single jersey, Ribbed, Interlock,
Pique polo, any kind of Wash, Print, Embroidery, Sequence and Appliqué work Style. {Solid,
Print & Critical Style)


We have a long time experience producing denim products including fabric, wash and its
accessories. Fabric source locally and imported from China, Taiwan, Indonesia, India and
Pakistan, we can produce more than 75,000 Pcs in a month in 08 Oz to 12 Oz, kids to Men’s /

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